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She spoke to the Independent from a secret location about the reality of maintaining a high-profile role in a society where women are deliberately disempowered Up until three months ago, Sheena Shirani was a prominent journalist living in Iran, where she worked as a newscaster at the state-funded, English-speaking Press TV news network.Ms Shirani made headlines globally earlier this year when she spoke out about the sexual harassment she had allegedly experienced while at Press TV.Through these observations, the book is elevated far above typical reportage.She picks up snatches of songs, poems, billboard propaganda and is quick to find the knife and turn the blade on the hypocrisy of the city she knows so well." "One regime billboard advises: 'Let’s not spend too much time discussing society’s problems in our homes.' As Bjian, her young gangster, drives to his meth lab, he listens to the music group Anonymous Sinners sing a satire of a famous old war song: 'There’s no prostitution, no drugs, press freedom, food and jobs, oil money for everyone, people are so happy they never complain…' But in the course of the book we discover that complaining in Iran is de rigueur; an art form, even"" The demands of secrecy pervade every aspect of city life.No one knows why they do it at night, other than to avoid the voice of protest rising from the streets of Tehran.In Navai’s energetic, eloquent book, these protests are sometimes a mumble, sometimes a scream." One of the world’s most exciting cities, as revealed by one of journalism’s most exciting women.See: List of television stations in Hong Kong See: List of television stations in Hungary See: List of Icelandic television channels Sony See: List of TV Stations in Indonesia National free-to-air television channel: note: BBC NI and UTV are based in Northern Ireland, RTÉ and TV3 in the Republic of Ireland.

Living independently and without any support, she needed a job and an income in order to provide for her son.

Belgacom 11 launched in July 2012 with extended exclusive football content from UEFA Champions League, Spanish and Portuguese competitions, whilst Belgacom 11 offers free Belgian football competition.

Belgacom 5 started January 2012 with exclusive Belgian basketball competition.

For ITN / Channel 4 News she has made various features, including investigating child trafficking in India, police killings of gang members in Brazil, and the drug "paco" in the slums of Argentina.

More recently she has reported from Macedonia (2015), City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran was published in the UK by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in May 2014 and in the USA by Public Affairs in September 2014.

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